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Hi people,

I joined this forum after I got contected by Jigplums. I'm in the hobby for more than 18 years now. I began by playing Dungeons & dragons and the first edition of Warhammer Battle, my first love was Chaos. Then I payed 40 k with Eldars, then Chaos and tyranids. These are still my armies
now, but I'm not playing anymore since 3 years, I've learned to paint & convert, and I focus on this side of the hobby. I love particularly daemon princes and big tyranid beasts, and Cthulhu related stuff. I also collect some japanese robots (gundam, Gaogairgar, Guyver, Garo, Dunbine...).
All of this is shown here : http://hellric.over-blog.com

I have another passion, for metal music, I make reviews, news & interviews of metal bands for my webzine www.arsmetallia.net (french only, except the interviews !)

To complete the presentation, I live in Belgium, I speak franch, I was born on june 15th 1973, I'm married to Genevieve, and we have two lovely boys, Jeremy (3 years old) and Zachary (one year old). We have two cats, a male Russian Blue and a female British Loinghair. I work as head of an electrical engineering team in Belgian's Buildings Agency.
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