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Hello, i'm always terrible at introductions but here goes...

I (almost) always use the screen name Pertwee on any site or game that I play so if you see the name there's a high chance its me ;)
I play warhammer 40k as IG and have lost almost every game I have ever played and I quite often get talked into played Lord of the Rings by my friends.
I love reading anything that I can get my hands on especially Dan Abnett books (currently reading Traitor General).
Thats about it I think, hello to everyone on this site.

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Hello Pertween and welcome to the Forums.

You should let your freinds talk you into LotR :wink:. There aren't many of us here on Heresy but those of us that there are will help you with it if you are to get talked into it.

Enjoy your stay anyway.
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