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Hello everybody. Hi, hi, hi everyone!
I currently collect ultramarines and have 8000 points about 2000 points painted. I am going to put up a project log soon for you to all see my works. My favourite ultramarine model would be my thunderfire cannon, I also love it in games. I am currently painting 3 of my 8 dreadnoughts and a land raider. I just had a few games against my brother (dougan_2). We had an 500 point game in which he used chaos marines and I used my space marines. I won that game quite badly. We also played an kill team game using battle mission rules but we played 300 points (instead of the normal 200 points) that game was a draw. This weekend coming I am also having a 3000 point game against orks, you might see my list going up in the army list section soon.
Anyway, hope to see you around! :victory:
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