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Hello my name is Larry and I have been playing with little plastic men for 12 years now. I started back in the days of 2nd edition playing Eldar, but after a bad experience with a dreadnaught and all my psyker's head exploding I decided to sell them off and went the way of the Imperium with Space Marines and have been playing them ever since.

I am currently working on building a chapter of Space Marines and am somewhere near 25-30% done. I also have a small army of Deamonhunters, Eldar, and Chaos (around 2000 points each, give or take a couple hundred).

I am a husband and father and also a member of the United States Army currently deployed for 15 months to the country of Iraq and going through a withdraw of plastic and pewter. I can not wait until I get home so I can get a few games on including a couple of Apoc games! A few years back I played a 54,000 point game of WH40K and that was one of the best days I have had. It is the only time my entire army has been on the board at the same time.

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Well being such a large force of marines I am able to be flexible with how my force org is split. Like 1st Company is of course termies, 2nd can be heavy support etc etc.

I originally was going to fashion my army the Dark Angles but they are a bit to inflexible for my tastes and with the additions of the new "divergance from the codex" I am going to tinker with that and see if I can do a DIY that fits my tastes.

Originally they where going to be the Jade Griffons but the paint scheme would have been insanely hard to do so I switched it back to an older paint job that I had done before. It is a base of Black with 5/6 Ultramarine Blue/ 1/6 chaos black details now known as the Night Griffons. I am going to have a heavy base of jump troops and biker. Company break down is going to be like this:

1st Company:
50 x Termies
30 x Veteran Assault Troops
20 x Veteran Tactical Squads
2 x Rhino

2nd Company (Heavy Support)
8 x Techpriests
20 x Preditor
7 x Land Raiders
3 x Land Raider Crusaders
2 x Land Raider Prometheus
1 x Land Raider Terminus Ultra
2 x Land Raider Helios
2 x Land Raider Ares
10 x Dreadnoughts
5 x Whirlwinds
4 x Vindicators

3rd - 7th Companies
2 x Tactical Squads
4 x Assault Troops
1 x Devistator Squad
10 x Bikes
5 x Attack Bikes
5 x Land Speeders
3 x Rhinos
2 x Razorbacks

8th and 9th Companies
undecided at this time

10th Company

Odd way of organising it I know but I based my model somewhat on how the Army currently runs their Basic Combat Teams. I will use 2 different rule sets depending on if I draw my troops from the standard companies or from the support assets of 2nd platoon. I will read up a bit more and write what traits they are (codex is in my sleeping area). I am thinking about adding a detachment of armor from my guys homeworld IG and drop the number of armor that my Space Marines have (but I already own about half the models soooo), so I can figure out how to fit in some legendary tanks I picked up a while back.
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