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Hey all, I'm new here. I just left another 40k site and was looking for a new one (long story) and this site caught my eye. I'm a Black Legion player (5000 pts, but I have yet to paint any!) with plans to build a small contingent of Lost and the Damned as allies for Apoc. Good to be here!

Right, so a few members here have inquired why I made the jump to Heresy online. I was a member of another site for almost a year. I had traded a couple of times on there, and most trades went very well. I had a bunch of stuff posted to trade, and Lord Marcus informed me he wanted to buy it all. Another member had been inquiring about some of the stuff, but we had not worked anything out. So I posted that everything was being sold to Marcus. The other member (who was an administator) said that since he had inquired about the trade first, he would leave negative feedback for both me and Marcus. I tried to work things out, but I just felt like it was time for me to go. I liked and respected the admin., but I just felt soured on the whole site, and it is a shame, I really had fun there. That's my story in a nutshell.
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Just out of curiosity, Where did you come from?

But yeah, Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay.
Well, I started out at Warseer, but it seemed a little impersonal to me. I then joined 40k Terra, but I had a little trouble over there, so now I'm here. Lord Marcus fled with me (although I think he is still a member of Terra, but I'm thinking of deleting my account there, long story!).
yes i "fled", but for a temperary reprieve, since i want things over there (with what happend" to cool down, and ikky is hewlping with that, oh and orcus, i think he is PM'ing you now.
Yeah, I read his Pm. He is not wanting me to leave, but that site has been ruined for me. I was merely trying to trade some stuff I wasn't using, and trading was a big part of the fun for me there, but I'm soured on it now. I told him to give me a couple of days, but I'm pretty sure I want my account deleted. Shame, I was working on 900 posts! I'm gonna miss a few of the members there, especially Stitch and Hairyyahoo, Steve B. and Perturabo, even Erus. I just don't think I wanna go back.
well, if you do, give me a pm, and i'll try to help keep the fragile vase (thats you) from falling (deleting your account)
Hey Marcus, look what I found! This is what I think of that site :fuck: lol. I might keep it, but as of now I think I will contact Ikky and tell him to delete my account. I just don't feel right going back there.
okay, np, just trying to be a good friend.
Well, I talked to Hairy and he doesn't want me to leave either. So I'm gonna keep the account open awhile and see how it works out. BTW, your cool in my book bro.
thamks man, i was beggining to think if you met me in person i'd have a bolt round in my head..:biggrin:
Nah, I prefer to to use my Daemon sword.:punish:Lol.
Well regardless of how things went for you there, welcome to Heresy Online.
Good to hear man. Cool avatar by the way.
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