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Good afternoon!
I'm Chris. I live in north east England, County Durham. I play and paint several armies. I started wargaming with an Ulthwe Eldar army several years ago, and the whole thing spiralled into a grey plastic madness. I have three Eldar armies, each at 3000 points. These are the Eldar of Craftworld Ulthwe, The Eldritch Raiders of Autarch Prince Yriel, and a much loved army based on the Dire Avenger aspect shrine of a custom craftworld. The Eldar have always been my favourite part of the 40k universe and I imagine it'll stay that way for a long time still.
I'm a huge music fan. I've played the guitar for years and that side of me saps just as much money out of my salary as the wargaming.
I enjoy rock, metal and the smallest dose of classical.
I made an account back when Heresy-online came online several months ago. I've forgotten the password however and I don't have a problem with starting fresh as it has been months since my last visit. I must say I approve of the new scheme and layout.
I'm a regular member/donor from another 40k forum and I hope the same can be achieved here. My usual forum is having some ongoing technical difficulty and I think I should expand my bookmarks beyond that single website. I think it's nice to meet (if the word can be used on the internet) some more wargamers and minature painters too.
I already know a few of you here but I hope to get to know even more over time.

P.S I love this blue!

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hey, warlock chris, right?

good to see you back here, hope you find some interesting stuff on the forums!
That's right.

Thanks for the welcome.

Enjoy. And get some pics up of your armies, please!
Will do. :grin:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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