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I'm a complete and utter noob when it comes to the whole dice rolling side of RP, the only RP I've been apart of has been strictly writing and honour based. To elaborate, one person would write their post about how their character is taking a shot at another's, then that person would write in response, often dodging or telling us how their armour could soak up the hits. If the response was deemed too overpowered, Godmodding as they called it, then they would be asked to void that post and rewrite it. Like I said, completely honour based. BUT! While I may be utterly useless when it comes to dice rolls and all that jazz, I'd say I'm a pretty good RP writer, I have been doing it almost everyday for about 2 years now.

I got into Warhammer about 4 years ago when I first saw a video on YT about a game called, ''Warhammer 40K Dark Crusade'' and I instantly fell in love. I just love the designs of the characters and the whole universe as a whole, Chaos and Orks especially, but I haven't had the chance to start collecting figures or build an army. Heck, the most I've done with Warhammer is a couple drawings! Also, I'm not heavily into the Lore, I find Lore in general to be kinda boring, so the most I know is that the God Emperor is on ice while the whole galaxy practically goes down the sh**ter. I do know a little bit more but its mainly just tid-bits on a few races and how they operate.

However, if I was to dedicate a year or so of my life to learning the ins and outs of a race, it would have to be the Chaos Space Marines. To be more precise, the legions following Slaanesh. I'm sorry, but killer demons (I can already tell people are gonna shout at me for not putting the ''A'') with crab claws and tits are just right up my alley. Noise Marines are ok, their designs don't really do anything for me, but the idea behind them is pretty cool. As a back up army, I'd have to go Ork. They are just infinity amusing to draw, seeing as I can just go wild and throw spikes, claws and guns anywhere I want and Not get shouted for being inaccurate!

So that's me as a Warhammer RolePlayer, its a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to brutally embarrassing myself while trying to figure what the Hell a, ''Invul save'' is...

P.S. Here's hoping I clicked the right button...
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