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Apparently I got things a little out of order and have already done one post :)
I am an Ork player (waaaagh!), and I just started. In fact, I haven't even gotten my army in yet.. I've been reading my codex religiously, and have been playing warhammer online for about a year now..
I'll be playing primarily with my husband and our dnd group. We have anywhere from 3-6 other people playing with us out of our house, so it should be interesting :).

That's most of my fun.. I'm looking forward to a forum setting that is less pew-pew:). All of the threads I've read so far have had intelligent answers and if there are rebuttals they're not along the normal lines of 'you're retarded, how can you say that?' ad nauseum.

Well, I'm sure I'll see y'all around :)

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