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Hello world!

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I was introduced to bloodbowl 1st edition in the 90s, from there I found 40k.

I am a fan of kill teams, gorkamorka, and necromunda. I prefer smaller games, as I have reciently sold my 5000 pts of tyranids.(sad face)

Currently I am working on orks and csm. I enjoy painting more then playing, and have issues with "power gamers"

I have a unique understanding of the rules that involves common sense, something that is seemingly uncommon nowadays.

I am on Warseer, where I have my current projects listed.
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I dislike power gamers as well. Welcome to heresy, as you will soon realise it is very different from arseseer(whoops typo).:laugh:
Thanks, there are definatly some interesting characters there.
Hello and welcome to the Heresy. It would be great if you post your current project in our project section as well. It is always nice to see peoples work on here. We have our characters here to but the good kind.

Also hate "power gamers" as well and the main reason I do more modeling and painting than playing these days.
I always have a lot of projects on the go, and I will absolutely post into the project section, when I have some update pictures to post. Its always better to post several steps at once then just an unpainted before pic.
Thank you!.

On another note... use too much glue for a temporary bond on my heldrake, almost broke the wing but did break the tip of my pinning drill. :(
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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