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Hi I have just joined Hersey. I have been speaking to my mate Vash for the last few months about his time on the site and decided eventually it was time to come and have a look. U could say I am another of Vash's conscripts, it does feel like ive been drafted. Ooh its all shiny and new to me. :shock:

I play 40k well used to till last year when I installed World of Warcraft on my PC. Since then I have been in the land of orcs, goblins and gnomes 24/7. But I guess i must be suffering from gnome overload and needed some time out. So I am here :D

My armies used to be DA LOT !
However I have deicided to concentrate on just a few armies from now on Chaos Marines and all of chaoses weird and wonderful armies(my main army is Black legion), Imperial Guard (Novarite Death Blades based on cadian models), and the new version of the ork army coming soon I hope :wink:

I have only a few photies of my stuff and have added a single picture of my conscripts to the guard list. More will follow soon.

I am now off to have a lie down as all this typing has knackered me out, cyas around guys


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Hello you Herbert!

Get more of that guard photgraphed and I will get them up in the Gallery for you.
I let four new gallery pictures out of the bag in the mornings and give them a whole day on the latest pictures section, before doing the next batch.

Soon I will have enough conscripts to form an army, Muh Haa haa haa!!!!

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Hi dude,

As the higher powers have said welcome, its always good to have more IG and Ork players around. And definatly put your pics up, if you've got it flaut it, some of us can't because we're lazy/way to busy to paint but its always good to see other peoples stuff.

Again welcome.

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Welcome to the forums Herbert.

Now, to do something about that damn Vash character

*reaches for the tranquilizer gun and the neutering kit....
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