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Hello my name is nikko

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Hello all, my real name is Nicolas, I'm french and i love the orks.
I'm 30, mostly married (will be in 2011) and my wife to be let me play with my toys.
I do not play so much but i paint and have painted a lots of GW Stuff, mostly Orks and Orkoïd stuffs.

I'the president off the Boardgames and miniatures Club i created named "Les Loups Du Marais" (The wolves of the swamp) because the name of my town is "Lambertsart" (wich means "le marais de Lambert" => "The swamp of Lambert") and the cityblock name is "Canteleu" ( which means "le chant du Loup" => "The wolve's song").
Lambert is the "giant" of my town (French north people have a giants folklore).

I hope i'll enjoy the show.

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Can't ever have too many ork players!

Welcome to heresy mate.
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