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My name is Tyranid Bruce,

As the name implies, I am one with the Hive Mind. I also collect: Chaos Marines, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Inquisiton and Orks.

I still don't have a complete army, just lots of stuff. Stuff is good, i like stuff.

I was made known of the location of Heresy Online by my battle brother qotsa4life.

I am currently fighting for the armies of chaos in Darwin, Aus.

Hahaha... High School...

I chose this name for 1 reason and 1 reason only. I could.

I have been involved in the 40k universe for a bit over 2 years now.

My best battle memory is: using a friend bio-vore 2 destroy his pretetor before it did to much damage... was gold.

Now, chaos. Was nids, but new codex killed my old list.

My battle brother qotsa4life

I like listening to heavy metal while painting and drinking. Playing a rip off of space hulk and necromunda with rules we liked from 40k with mates. We call it necrohammer. Converting models to chaos.

A pic of me or my stuff?

I think thats it. If you want to know more, reply back a question and i shall reply.

Yours in chaos,
Tyranid Bruce.

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Welcome to heresy. Good to see another aussie player and chaos to boot. You tick all the boxes.
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