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hello, hi, aloha, hallo, greetings and salutations....

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finally i did a search on the internet and got a general 40k forum. instead of porn and links to the old gw forums.

a little about me. i've been in this hobby on and off for about 8 years i think. i can't paint well. or glue things together well, unless i want them to stick to my fingers. and let's not talk about green stuff, or as i like to call it suicide in a 9 dollar blister.

currently i'm working on a tank company (which i found out the other day is no longer a viable army list for gt's which is b.s. in my opinion) i have half an iron warriors army and my friend is holding hostage the other half. i would like to have a blood angels and imperial guard armies but red is the devil and skin is it's life partner. and i'm desperately waiting for hopefully a new codex for my beloved space wolves. i yearn for wolf guard body guard surrounding my wolf lord. and my venerable dreadnought (which now it seems everyone has one and it's specialness is lost).

i'm from jersey in the states. and it seems that there are no real places to play or hang out in my area anymore. which is part of the reason why i can't paint well nor use suicide in a 9 dollar blister. since there's not many people to hang out with and learn from.

and it's pretty much the reason i've been searching for forums especially a general gw one such as this one. well, off to do some more browsing around and to finish reading the forum's rules. i started reading them and decided that i should introduce myself before i forget.

talk to you all in the forums,

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welcome in and have a look around
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