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Hello from So California

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Just wanted to say I am new and hi from So. California. Supposed to be raining now due to El Nino, but it is 90 degrees. Not helping our drought.

JM Ward
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What do I play?

Been mainly playing family games--Risk, etc. However, for years, I have been buying Warhammer and other miniatures at my local hobby shop. So not much of a player, more of a collector. Pick one up every month or two.
Painted a few long time ago. Basically I buy what looks cool. LOL. There was a Games Workshop not to far from my house, but it closed down last year. There is a huge hobby store--a lot of RC car, planes, etc that has a very large military model area. They carry a lot of Warhammer, Pathfinder, etc. They guy who runs that section is into Warhammer so he gives it some good attention. Pegasus hobbies in Ontario, CA for anyone interested.
Thank you for the welcome from another So Cal gamer. Yes, I will hit you up sometime. Amazing you are so close. Pretty cool.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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