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Hello Everyone

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I'm a new wargamer that has toyed with the idea for decades now. I had a friend introduce me to WH40K back around 1990, but I couldn't afford it then. A couple years later, another friend tried getting me interested in it. I loved the themes, concepts and style, just other things kept getting in the way through the years.

Several years ago, I bought a couple of the Fantasy Flight WH40K RPG books, but could never find a group to play. Over the past couple years, I've bought a few miniatures, mainly as desk decorations. Finally a couple months ago, I broke down and bought the Dark Vengeance starter set.

My original intent was to use the Space Marines and make a Raven Guard successor chapter army. However, the more I looked at the Chaos Space Marines, and reading about the varions Traitor Legions, I realized I really preferred the Chaos army more than the regular Space Marines.

I am creating this account to find a community to learn from and get ideas for my growth as a wargamer. I am already looking at where can I expand or branch to in the future in the WH40K verse, as well as tomorrow, we are taking our 9 year old son to buy his first WH40K figure. We are going to let him pick it out, regardless of faction. So if he stays interested in it, then over the year we can continue to get new pieces and he will grow his own army.

That's all for now. Talk with you all soon.

"Hydra Dominatus"

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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