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Hello everyone, the name is Voark.

-How did you find us.
I found out about this site on the Deathguard.org forum.

-Your location.
A small country village in Holland/The Netherlands called Veendam.

-Why did you choose this handle (name).
It's the name of my ork warboss.

-How long have you been playing GWS and wargames in general.
It all started back in 1989 when i got my hands on the heroquest
boardgame, after that there was a big gap until about 6 years later, i
entered a hobbystore where they sold whfb/wh40k, it reminded me of
the heroquest game and have been hooked on it ever since, first on whfb
and on wh40k since 1997. I sold my high elf and chaos army and have
been playing 40k since then because i like the setting and overall
atmosphere of 40k more then the fantasy part.

-Best memory during a battle.
My space marine dreadnought killing the hive tyrant of my friend's hated
tyranid army, and the first victory with my orks :)

-Favorite army.
Orks...i just love the green fellows.

-Regular gaming buddies also on this forum.
None yet, i normally play with/against 4 friends as the gaming here is
very thin spread up in the northern parts of Holland, and i refuse to play
against unpainted armies with lego made scenery.

-Basicly anything of intrest to give us a better understanding of who you
are and what you're about.
Well let me start with saying i LOVE this hobby, i love the converting/
painting/playing/scenerymaking. To bad is very thin spread in the part
i live in, but i have some good friends who like it just as much as i do.
Other that that i am a great manga fan and a movie maniac.

-My current armies are- Orks 2000+ points
Spacemarines (diy chapter) 2000+ points
Choas undivided 2000+ points

I am currently working on some gangs and scenery for Necromunda and a Deathguard army.

I will post some pictures when i get the photobucket thingy sorted (pics come out stampsized, not much of a pc wizzkid :oops: ).


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Welcome to HO,

nice selection of pictures Voark you have really captured the Nurgle feel of things on your models.
If Photobucket is giving you trouble, you might find it easier to try putting your pictures in the Gallery here for now.

Hope you enjoy the place
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