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Hey all, I'm an incoming newb whose looking to pick up a hobbie. I read a lot of fluff when working in my college's bookstore and have played both DoW games by Relic. Unfortunately the people who got me interested in transitioning to the tabletop aren't very experienced and don't really live nearby, so I'm somewhat out of luck when it comes to questions. I've done quite a bit of independent research, but there are still some significant gaps in my knowledge base, so here I am.

I've bought the Eldar Codex and Rulebook, and I'm looking to build an Iyanden army. Most of the information about questionable rule mechanics online is outdated, however. Eldar 'Mech' (assuming mechanized infantry not robots) armies were apparently nerfed, but I don't exactly know how (did they decrease the cover/obscured save?). I also don't know how much of my draft list I can post without breaking copyright.

In any event, help with the following questions would be greatly appreciated.
1) How does fortune affect vehicles? Is the glancing/penetration roll a save?
2) I know Falcons are expensive points wise, but assuming I get one is it worth getting a decent second weapon (EML) and going combat speed, or is that just asking to get shot... (Holofield+Spiritstones and carrying Farseer+Council) The list also contains 2 Serpents and 2 Prisms if that's relevant.


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Welcome to Heresy.

Posting Lists is fine if done as. Farseer,Hitty Stick, other Stuff. Total points=X

Just don't list individual points for wargear and upgrades and you're fine.

I think you can guess the extent of my knowledge of Eldar from the example above so the rest will have to wait for someone else. lol.
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