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Hello all at Heresy Online, I'm Daceus (Am using the name of my chapter master for this site)

I play a Blood Angels successor chapter of my own creation (or will be when I get round to painting them lol), they're called Blood Warriors and have black armour, red shoulders and Blood Angel style helmet colours (red for tactical. yellow for assault, blue for devastator etc.), they also have a shield emblem for their chapter badge.

I also have small Tau and Necron armies but use them rarely.

I've been playing 40k since June 1999, but only against friends never at tournaments or clubs, also been distracted for a while by World of Warcraft lol, so never really got my marines painted, but am now modelling with new Blood Angel plastics so hoping to get something finished in the not too distant future.

Been reading sites like this a bit recently for tactic and conversion ideas so thought I'd sign upto a 40k site, which is why I'm here.
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