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Hello all (redundant, I know, but I've never been good at coming up with titles),

I'm Kazie and I've been an avid tabletop RPG'er for about 15 years, playing games ranging from AD&D to Palladium and Rifts to World of Darkness, though I've never played a tabletop warfare game. I've always seen the terrain maps in my local game shop but never thought much of it until recently. I started playing Warhammer: Dawn of War on the PC and Warhammer: Squad Command for the PSP. After playing these games for a few weeks I've decided to try out the original tabletop version. So, I head to my local gaming shop which I've been going to for a better part of 10 years now only to find out that the doors have closed for good, bah. Now, lost to any other local gaming shops, I search the web for local shops that play Warhammer 40k. And thats how I ended up here.

Hopefully I'd like to learn about the game and hopefully find a few people in my area that play and try to get a game going, or at least someone who knows a local shop or something. I have posted my contact info in my profile if anyone is interested.

So, that said, nice to be here and see you around the forums :)

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Glad to have you aboard Kazie....

Sorry to hear about the game shoppe.... Some just seem to open/close overnight. I'm not familiar with your local area, so I'm no help there, but if you have any game related questions, I'd be happy to lend a hand.

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