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The DA minis are difficult, since even if you chop off their shoulder pad DA iconography, you're left with some pretty... clean minis. I mean, taking them as Fallen is always an option, or buying just the CSM minis on ebay-

Anyways, welcome back to the hobby. Even as a devoted Chaos player myself, I have to congratulate you on rising above mere material dependence to grasp for something greater: true power in the eyes of the Gods of the Warp! Praise Chaos!

Which is to say: hey, well done. You have my admiration for kicking the habit, and my support for remaining off it, insofar as you (or any of us) are able.

Yeah, codexes have gotten real expensive, since they went hardcover in 6e... so long as you stick to legitimate and legal avenues of getting your codex *cough cough*.
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