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For the History of the Hell Razor Cult please refer to the fluff forum Im pretty proud of the short story.
Ok here it goes, instead of mixing and matching different marks Im gonna stick with what works for me. {KHORNE} Blood for the blood god. Quick question can I put a Character with wings inside a rhino transport, this list is made assuming I can. My strategy is to use my chosen infiltrators to summon demons in pretty quickly, hopefully causing enough of a distraction for the berzerkers to hit home. Im using transports to speed up the process. The demon prince will usually assault by turn 2. Also the flesh hounds can be substituted for an extra berserker an extra posessed and an extra chosen. I think that the more demon units the better, seeing as theres more of a chance of coming in turn 2. I wanna use to Morthurs Wings to get him into combat a little faster, hell start the game in the rhino but will eventually break off, I think He can Hold his own.

High Priest Morthur(Khorne Lord)
Mark of Khorne, Personal Icon, Wings, Morthurs Maw(Lightning Claws). 155

Prince Grymloq(Demon Prince)
Wings, Mark of Khorne. 140

Hell Razor Priests(9 Chosen)
Champ w/ lightning claws, Icon of Khorne, 2 Melta Guns, 2 Pwr Weapons. 272

The Blessed(8 Posessed)
Icon of Khorne, Rhino w/ Ext Arm, Dozer Blade. 293

Hell Razors(9 Berzerkers):angry:
Champ w/Power Fist, Rhino w/ Ext Arm, Dozer Blade. 284

Hell Razors(9 Berzerkers):angry:
Champ w/Power Fist, Personal Icon, Rhino w/Ext Arm, Dozer Blade. 289

Blade Bearers(8 Bloodletters) 104

Blade Bearers(8 Bloodletters) 104

Razor Tooth Pack(5 Flesh Hounds)65

Heavy Support
Reaper AutoCannon,Heavy Flamer, Battle Cannon, Posessed. 150

Posessed, Demolisher Cannon. 140

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