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Hi guys I was looking through all the great tutorials here on this site and I was inspired. So I go out my Citadel how to make wargaming scenery book and had a look in there for idea's I found a suitable one and decided to share it with you guys here:biggrin:

So first up the tools you will need for this project

Cutting Mat
Hobby Knife
Pan Scourers (available in most supermarkets)
PVA Glue
Paint Brush
Scissors (not is picture)

Step 1
Ok first up you need to make a base for the hedge to do this grab your polystyrene and cut it to size with your hobby knife *Remember always cut awey from your body*

Once you have done this you should be left with something that resembles something like this

Step 2
So you have your block of polystyrene. Now you need to round the edges. To do this grab your hobby knife and run it along the side of the polystyrene at an angle. Do this back and forth until there is a slope/gradient you are happy with. The steeper to angle your hobby kinfe the steeper the slope. This step is very messy so make sure you are able to clean the mess afterwards.

To clean awey the mess I use a hand vacum

Step 3
So now you have a base you need to start on the hedge. Grab the pan scourers

Place a model next to the pan scourer so you can acces how big you want the hedge to be.

Cut the hedge around the models waist hight

Then cut all the way along

You should be left with a long strip that looks like this

Step 4
Ok now you have to PVA half of the strip of pan scourer

Then fold the pan scourer over so it sticks together

You may have to hold down the pan scourer with either your hand or a weight to ensure that it sticks together

Step 5

Ok now check that your hegde fits on the base. If you you may want to either trim down the hedge or the base. PVA around the hedge.

After this grab some newspaper and your sand. Pour the sand out onto the newspaper then dip the base into the sand. Like when you would batter fish with breadcrums

you should be left with something like this

Wait for the PVA to dry and repeat this step over and over again to cover up all the white bits of polystyrene showing through. Once done it should look like this

Now grab the newspaper and pour the sand back into your pot container

Step 6
Wait for the PVA glue to dry again and then paint the whole thing with chaos black.

Step 7
Whilst waiting for this to dry. Grab you scissors and your hedge. Cut awey at the pan scourer untill it looks more natural

After this drybrush the pan scourer with a lighter shade of green. I chose to use GW Snot Green

Step 8
Going back to the base. Drybrush it your selected colour. I chose to use GW Schorched Brown

Once this was dry I gave the base a drybrush of GW bleached bone

Step 9
Paint the underside of your hedge with PVA and then stick it on your base. You may need to hold this down. I used my hobby knife for this and left the whole thing over night to dry

Step 10
So after leaving your hedge to stick to the base apply some PVA glue in sploges to the base

Then place static grass onto the area's of PVA. To do this I used tweezers. After placing the static grass on press it down with something flat. Then tip the base upside down and knock the excess back into the pot/container.

Step 11
Admire! sit back and enjoy your handy work. You now have a nice new shiny piece of scenery for use in your games or warhammer.

Thanks for looking guys. Tell me what you think. I hope I have inspired people to give this a go. I really enjoyed making this and I am sure you would to
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