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he killed a flyrant and trygon prime with 1 model

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help please..

a friend of mine had a unit of nurgles
and a chaos lord (with deamon sword)don't know what else
slaanesh gives you I 6?

what happend

I used paroxsim (psychic power)
giving him BS 1 and WS 1
then i charged with my flyrant and trygon prime
he could not reach the trygon or the flyrant with his lord so i killed al his marines

next turn
he striked first I6
and he was hitting the trygon and the flyrant first
but he did say that if he roll a 6 to wound it was a intant death for a creature he was hitting
without making a psychic test
is this legal play????

but he claimed this
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Taking additional saves? Should have done something to it...
Lords rarely roll with their Terminator Armour so the Fearless wounds aren't so much of an issue.

Buy Lash Whips?

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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