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As Jaws tried to explain with broken English, the Daemon Weapon he was holding was, due to him being equipped with a Mark of Slaanesh, the Blissgiver.
The Blissgiver is a two-handed weapon which adds 1D6 attacks in Close Combat, ignores Armour Saves, and inflicts Instant Death with any successful wounds; if he rolls a 1 on his attack number roll, he suffers a penalty because the weapon attacks the wielder.

It is also legal for a single model to split its attacks between multiple units, this has to be declared before any rolls to attack are made however.
If he did not declare HOW he was splitting his attacks, then he followed an illegal procedure.
Other than that, what he did was correct, Tyranids hate Instant Death with a vengeance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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