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Heya folks, found some OOP models and some old bits plus some metal sisters too! Hoping they'll fund my force!

21 sisters:
1 Canonness
1 Melta Gun sister
1 Stormbolter sister
18 Boltgun sisters

The dilema here is that overall I only have eighteen backpacks for them! Preferably I'd like to sell them or trade them in a group, drop me an offer.


Three packs of Necromunda Arbite gangs

These are my babies, I'm hesitant to sell them as I love them so much and they go for so much.. So feel free to make an offer on them.

40k bits:

Space Marine Sternguard squad (new on sprue) -
Is missing person but has everything else, I can provide another body to replace this.

(More to come.)

I'm interested solely in £££ Or Inquisition models for my army at the moment.

Cheers, Dan!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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