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I have a batch of Imperial Guard I'm wanting to part with.
The Entire Imperial Guard Army Boxed Set, + Tanith Ghosts, + Last Chancers, + an extra box of Cadians and Catachans.

Includes limited edition Cadian Army Standard Bearer and casualty fig.

What I'm interested in trading for?
25mm Ancients (Imperial Roman Legionaries and Auxila)
25mm Ancients (Greeks, Spartans)
25mm Ancients (Late Romans/ Arthurians)
25mm Medieval (Normans/ Saxons and Norse)
25mm Modern (US Army/ Marines or appropriate opposing forces)
15mm WW2 Figures for Flames of War
Terrain for any of the above.

Possibly trade for:
WH40k Eldar, Tau or maybe certain Space Marines, or WFB New Empire or Night Goblins. (Problem is...I already have all of these)
Vallejo or Howard Hues paint sets.

Possibly some wargames/boardgames.
Harpoon 4, ASL, Game of Thrones, DAK2, etc.

I can sell it for $150 or best offer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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