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Well i have decided to work on a themed vampire counts army for halloween next year, so far here is what im thinking of doing story wise, if you think anything important is missing theme wise feel free to let me know.

Vampire Lord- Classic Dracula!

Vampire #1-Will be green stuffing her to make her outfit more "Sexy" for the token slut dressed as a vampire at every Halloween party!


Necromancer-Looks like a classic crazy warlock or witch!

Vampire #2-Will be Converted to be the Headless Horseman and ride with my blood knights!


Zombies-They will be converted to be trick or treaters.

Skeletons-Well....What do you think?

Ghouls- Will be useing Dryads as these for a Evil Tree Looking, everyone knows on halloween night the trees are spooky!!!

Corpse Cart-Will be turned into the Great Pumpkin Mobile!!!! with a giant jack'o'lantern siting in the middle where the corpses should be, and pulled by pumpkin men!

Graveguard-Will be Made out of Glade guards, so i have floating Cloaks carrying giant scythes with a grimreaper look!

Blood Knights-These will be the standard looking models how ever there bases will be themed and have pumpkins on each one!!!!! along with flameing green hoofs so it looks like there on fire!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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