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The Solitaires are an enigma, even among the ranks of the Harlequins. They roam the universe alone, occasionally joining Harlequin masques for a single performance or battle according to their whim. They are the only ones who can play the part of the Great Enemy- all others who try are driven insane. In this way, they are doomed beings, having lost their souls. At death, they will be claimed by She Who Thirsts, though it is said that every century, the Laughing God plays one of its strange gambits and may save a Solitaire's soul.

A Solitaire may only be included in your army if you already have a unit of Harlequins. Solitaires count as an Elites choice but do not take up a force organization slot.

Solitaire: 80 points
WS: 8
BS: 5
S: 3
T: 3
W: 2
I: 7
A: 3
Ld: 10
Sv: 4+*

Special Rules:
-Furious Charge
-Blitz Attack

-Flip Belt
-Plasma Grenades
-Shuriken Pistol
-Melee Weapon
-Dread Mask

May replace Melee Weapon with:
-Harlequin's Kiss... 5 pts.
-Power Sword...10 pts.

May replace Shuriken Pistol with:
-Fusion Pistol... 10 pts.

Dread Mask: The Dread Mask contains a psychic pickup which detects the worst fears of the wearer's opponent and amplifies them ten-fold, sending them running in terror. Any unit that loses an assault against the Solitaire must make their morale check on 3D6 (no effect against Fearless units).

Soulless: Any unit (friend or foe) within 12" of the Solitaire has their leadership reduced by 2. The Solitaire may not join any friendly units or ride in transports. A Solitaire's Deny the Witch rolls always succeed on a roll of 4+. In addition, any attack which relies on the Solitaire's leadership (such as Neural Shredders, Psychic Shriek, etc.) have no effect and automatically fail.

Blitz Attack: A Solitaire may re-roll its charge distance in the assault phase. In addition, it gains +D6 attacks on the charge, rather than the usual +1.
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