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All well said Heph.

Heres my Upbeat thoughts on the new dex. (Although I have had to stretch it a bit.)

This dex heralds a time of the common trooper, with less conversion to do on DPs and such, Im seriously looking at converting each basic guy in the army.

Make your own special characters, take the stats of your favourite SC and make your own model for it. Weird and wonderful options but then 'oh he is Typhus really and the that big chainsaw is his Manreaper.'

I have to be positive, Im not going to throw away 20 odd years of gaming experiance and fond memories just because GW have made it harder to be original with selections from the codex.

So forward my twisted and corrupted companions in Chaos, we will march on to dominion over these pawns of the false emperor. :twisted:

Still Tastes like Chicken BUT I have sauce!
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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