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Hammer and Brush is a proud sponsor of Adepticon. This year as part of our sponsorship we have offered a number of prizes, which have been showcased in previous postings, however our best prize has been kept under wraps until now. One lucky con goer will win the following centerpiece at one of Adepticon's events.

An Imperial Great Cannon with Crew on a display base painted in the colors of the Nuln Gunnery School. We look forward to seeing who wins this great piece, and more pictures of it can be seen in our gallery.


While this is our best prize it is by far not the only one or the biggest one, check out the Adepticon website to see the kinds of wonderful prizes await con and tournament participants!


Also available in our gallery are the newest pictures of our finished commissions including a group of Praetorian Imperial Guardsmen and their Chimera transports. We put a lot of work into these models including conversions of their heavy weapons teams.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Adepticon and wish everyone luck in winning all our prizes along with all the other wonderful sponsors at the convention!

Now is the perfect time to try out our service. Our new orders are coming in and you'll want to make sure your first in line. We offer reasonable prices and good turnaround time on our tabletop painted miniatures and terrain pieces. Specialty Services is up and running and Francesco is eager to hear from people who want their characters painted!

Not sure if you want to purchase from us just yet? Why not send us a test model that we will paint to your specifications and send back to you for free!

Questions? Comments? We look forward to hearing from you, send us an email at [email protected] or PM us on Yahoo IM at hammerbrush or even try our phone at 847 853 6113
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