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Hammer and Brush Painting has begun the new year with exciting new services and updates to our gallery. Our Gallery has been updated to include many of our recent commissions and auctions that we have sold.

But for us the really exciting news is our new partnership with Francesco Bellucci. Francesco is an Italian student of the University of Illinois Chicago pursuing both his MA and his PhD degrees. He is also an award winning miniature painter in his native Italy and has joined Hammer and Brush to open up our brand new Specialty Services!


Specialty Services is for gamers looking to have their characters or centerpiece models painted to a high quality, award winning, standard. Commissions for Specialty Services are not meant to be for entire armies but for those characters or special units you want to get that extra detail to make it standout on the tabletop. With this extra quality comes a different price list that you can read about on the site. Below are a couple examples of Francesco's work, and more are available at the above website:

Now is the perfect time to try out our service. Our new 2007 orders are coming in and you'll want to make sure your first in line. We offer reasonable prices and good turnaround time on our tabletop painted miniatures and terrain pieces. Specialty Services is up and running and Francesco is eager to hear from people who want their characters painted!

Not sure if you want to purchase from us just yet? Why not send us a test model that we will paint to your specifications and send back to you for free!

Questions? Comments? We look forward to hearing from you, send us an email at [email protected] or PM us on Yahoo IM at hammerbrush or even try our phone at 847 853 6113
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