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Halo: Honor and Glory (Action)

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"INCOMING CONTACTS, HIGH NUMBER OF ENEMY FIGHTERS!" shouted the radar officer of the "Destined for Glory". The ship limped forward at a low speed, venting air as they went.

"Remove all power from our secondary weapon systems! Power up the engines to full speed!" shouted Kobi 'Inanraree, commander of the ship. How long until the enemy fleet is in firing range?"

"Less than two minutes, they are already warming up their plasma cannons!"

Kobi 'Inanraree watched the screen in front of him flash with warning lights. The ship was venting air, and the reactor was going critical, not far from overloading. The right side of the hull had a hole clean through it, and every occupant was dead in those sections, and all most every Seraph fighter had been in the hangar that was blown away, preventing any real fighter screen protection. He moved his hand to the screen and touched a flashing red icon, and a new picture replaced the last one. He moved his hand to a new icon, a flashing black one. "Seal all airlocks to the right wing, prepare for separation!" There was a short silence as the crew tried to understand what he was going to do, but when it struck them they begun locking down everything. Kobi pressed the icon, and the ship shock violently as it lost several hundred tons of weight.

"Speed increasing!" an officer shouted. "Critical speed, outer shields layers burning away!"

Kobi 'Inanraree pressed an other icon, a green one, and a tactical screen showing the Jiralhane ships apeared. He took a closer look, and noticed an Assault Carrier of the same class as the "Destined for Glory". Set course to the cordinates 19:3:73,3:9!"

"But commander, that will put us on a colision course with the enemy!" one of the officers protested.

"Thats my intention..." Kobi 'Inanraree replied calmly. "Remove all power from the shields! Charge plasma cannons! Prepare the torpedos, look on the escorts surrounding the enemy assault carrier."

As one the shields vanished, of course no one saw it, but everybody noticed the sound of the hull that was burning. "Tell everyone to get to the closest drop ship and leave the ship! The ones trapped in the rear section and the armory, get to the escape pods! Landing zone will be marked on your HUD! Prepare for take off! There was a moment of silence as the crew on the bridge transfered his orders to the squad leaders and pilots aboard the ship. Confirmation sounds became coming in as the squad leaders got the message and prepared to get of the ship.

Kobi 'Inanraree turned away from the screen to see the bridge crew. "You have served well brothers, now, get to the pods! I will trigger the reactor into a critical melt down and fire the missiles, so prepare to leave the ship as soon as possible, we will only get a few seconds to get clear of this wrack before it enters the enemy formation, and then it will be to late!

The crew left their stations and went for the pods located on the back of the bridge. Kobi 'Inanraree turned, and looked at the screen once more. The sensors indicated that most drop ships had already left the ship and were heading for the surface, along with most of the drop pods. Kobi pressed a white icon, and the ships engines begun protesting, then begun losing power. The reactor was over heating. He triggered the weapon systems that were still functioning and the ship fired several salvos of torpedos, followed by an storm of plasma. Kobi 'Inanraree turned and ran for the pods. He entered the middle one, where his senior crew was sitting. No one said anything, and the pilot shut the door. Kobi took a seat at the back of the pod, and closed his eyes.

He barely noticed as the pod left the ship, and begun flying towards the surface of the planet.
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Vore'ddak Innanraree ran around the corner inside the Assault Carrier.
He was in a hurry.
He had to inform the personnel on the carrier that to take battle stations.

He had received a message from an minor that Brute boarding pods we're launched against the Carrier.

The Ultra recieves a message from The Fleet Master to get on a phantom and get away from the ship.As he and his squad are on they're way to the phantom
a huge quake scrambles the carrier and a huge plasma battery falls down from the ceiling. He is so close that he get's frustrated and the Ultra and his squad starts pushing the battery away.
"Pilot! By the gods! Why are we not leaving the ship!?"Vore'ddak asked the Phantom pilot.
"Honorable Ultra we are to wait for an Important Squad coming in from the Bridge."says the Pilot.
"The Escape Pods may be too far away from the squad they may not even make it here!"shouts the pilot to the Ultra.
The Ultra remains silent, he does not know what to do in this situation.
He just stares at the pilot, with anger burning in his eyes
Vore'ddak Innanraree stands beside the Plasma cannon gunner and stares at the landscapes of the planet.He is concerned about the rest of his blood brothers especially The Fleet Master, He turns around and watches as his squad rests after what happened at the carrier.His eyes catches Dyvofgin Wattinr, the Minor that lost all his squad mates inside the Assault Carrier... Then the Ultra shouts to everyone inside the phantom-
"Everyone listen up! I, along with my squad are leaving to search for survivors! Dyvofgin it is your choice to come with us or not. Pilot you are to remain hidden somewhere with the phantom, inform me directly if you are to be spotted by spirits or banshees."
"Yes sir!" says the pilot.
The Ultra replied" Very well you shall both follow my squad from a distance, both of you.Dyvofgin you can take out enemy snipers if you are to spot one. 'Xanamee you are to kill any Brute patrols on foot and give us back up if we need it." Then the Ultra left the phantom on foot to search for survivors...
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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