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Halo: Honor and Glory (Action)

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"INCOMING CONTACTS, HIGH NUMBER OF ENEMY FIGHTERS!" shouted the radar officer of the "Destined for Glory". The ship limped forward at a low speed, venting air as they went.

"Remove all power from our secondary weapon systems! Power up the engines to full speed!" shouted Kobi 'Inanraree, commander of the ship. How long until the enemy fleet is in firing range?"

"Less than two minutes, they are already warming up their plasma cannons!"

Kobi 'Inanraree watched the screen in front of him flash with warning lights. The ship was venting air, and the reactor was going critical, not far from overloading. The right side of the hull had a hole clean through it, and every occupant was dead in those sections, and all most every Seraph fighter had been in the hangar that was blown away, preventing any real fighter screen protection. He moved his hand to the screen and touched a flashing red icon, and a new picture replaced the last one. He moved his hand to a new icon, a flashing black one. "Seal all airlocks to the right wing, prepare for separation!" There was a short silence as the crew tried to understand what he was going to do, but when it struck them they begun locking down everything. Kobi pressed the icon, and the ship shock violently as it lost several hundred tons of weight.

"Speed increasing!" an officer shouted. "Critical speed, outer shields layers burning away!"

Kobi 'Inanraree pressed an other icon, a green one, and a tactical screen showing the Jiralhane ships apeared. He took a closer look, and noticed an Assault Carrier of the same class as the "Destined for Glory". Set course to the cordinates 19:3:73,3:9!"

"But commander, that will put us on a colision course with the enemy!" one of the officers protested.

"Thats my intention..." Kobi 'Inanraree replied calmly. "Remove all power from the shields! Charge plasma cannons! Prepare the torpedos, look on the escorts surrounding the enemy assault carrier."

As one the shields vanished, of course no one saw it, but everybody noticed the sound of the hull that was burning. "Tell everyone to get to the closest drop ship and leave the ship! The ones trapped in the rear section and the armory, get to the escape pods! Landing zone will be marked on your HUD! Prepare for take off! There was a moment of silence as the crew on the bridge transfered his orders to the squad leaders and pilots aboard the ship. Confirmation sounds became coming in as the squad leaders got the message and prepared to get of the ship.

Kobi 'Inanraree turned away from the screen to see the bridge crew. "You have served well brothers, now, get to the pods! I will trigger the reactor into a critical melt down and fire the missiles, so prepare to leave the ship as soon as possible, we will only get a few seconds to get clear of this wrack before it enters the enemy formation, and then it will be to late!

The crew left their stations and went for the pods located on the back of the bridge. Kobi 'Inanraree turned, and looked at the screen once more. The sensors indicated that most drop ships had already left the ship and were heading for the surface, along with most of the drop pods. Kobi pressed a white icon, and the ships engines begun protesting, then begun losing power. The reactor was over heating. He triggered the weapon systems that were still functioning and the ship fired several salvos of torpedos, followed by an storm of plasma. Kobi 'Inanraree turned and ran for the pods. He entered the middle one, where his senior crew was sitting. No one said anything, and the pilot shut the door. Kobi took a seat at the back of the pod, and closed his eyes.

He barely noticed as the pod left the ship, and begun flying towards the surface of the planet.
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Primary Objectives:

Leave the ship.

Secondary Objectives

None at this time.

Vore'ddak 'Inanraree and Dyvofgin Wattinr: You are close to the Phantom. You can see it, but a fallen plasma core is blocking your path. You must get it out of your way, but you have only got a few seconds. The walls are falling apart and you will soon be buried bellow them. You must help each other to get it out of your way, and then board the Phantom!

[Push it aside or something, but dont board the Phantom before both of you have posted, so try to make things a bit more complicated. In the first post you could start to push it aside, when the second one of you posts you will manage to get it out of your way, and then you will be able to board the drop ship, but as I said, dont make it to simple, try too keep it interesting, and if there are any questions, PM me]

Axmt ‘Xanamee: You, along with your squad are close to a drop ship, but before you mange to get there the roof falls down and the Phantom is crushed below the rubble. You take a quick look at the radar, and notice a second Phantom close by (The same one as the other guys...), and you will start making your way there.

[It would be a good plan to send them a message to inform them not to leave the ship before you are there as well, as other vise you are left behind. It will take you at least two posts before you get there, but dont enter the Phantom before the other players are in it, as you are futher away from it than you are]

Sorry for the kind of rushed quality of the post, but I am kind of busy right now, but try to do it, PM if something is unclear, and I will soon post a new update...
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Primary Objectives:

*Boards the Phantom

*Get of the ship

Secondary Objectives


Vore'ddak Innanraree: You have just boarded the Phantom. You ask the pilot why they have not yet taken off, and they inform you that they are still waiting for a "Important Squad". Of course you know that a brother is never left behind, but you do also know that you dont have a lot of time left, so now it is your decision, will you force the pilot to take of, or will you wait for the "Important Squad" and risk your life? You are frustrated about the situation, so try to act along with it.

Dyvofgin Wattinr: You feel the pain of losing your comrades, but you have to push it aside. You note the fact that the warrior is of a high status, and a veteran of several wars judging the icons on his armor. You note that the warrior looks angry, and you know what it is all about, it is about survival. So, will you take part of this and tell them what you think they should do, or will you sit there and ponder on what you could have done to save your comrades in arms?

Axmt ‘Xanamee: You open the door, and there is a straight corridor. You, along with your squad sprint through it to the opposing side. There you find a new door, but it does not open. You come to the conclusion that it must have been fried, along with most other systems on the ship. You will have to open it somehow, and there are basically only two ways to do it, the first is blowing it open using the plasma grenades and the plasma cells for your weapons you and your squad have, but that leaves you with only one cell for your secondary weapons, the Plasma Pistols, or you could hack the terminal and do an emergency lock open, but that will take considerably more time, and is indeed risky, as you have a limited amount of time left. It is your choice, and chose wisely, you never know what will be coming for you!

OOC: Hope nothing is confusing, but feel free to ask in the recruitment thread, or PM me if anything is unclear.
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"HOLD ON TO SOMETHING! WE ARE LEAVING!" the pilot shouted. As one you took a seat, and prepared for a bumpy ride. The drop ship leaves the hangar at high speed, and starts turning towards the surface of the planet. At the same time the Assault Carrier keeps flying forward at critical speed towards the enemy formation, and its reactor was boiling like a sun. As the brute ships begun their evasive maneuvers, they knew not that it was to late for most of them. As most of the ships were already kilometers away from the carrier, it detonated, like a small sun it engulfed every ship close by, burning through the shields and melting away the hull and toasting every one inside the ships. But what no one saw was that a single ship limped away, undamaged, and on a course towards the planet.


"Not a bad plan , huh?" Kobi 'Inanraree asked Major Officer Tyktus.

"No, brilliant is the word. Based on the number of signals picked up on the radar, we managed to get a payload of nine drop ships full of troops, and about sixty pods to the ground intact, and three drop ships are still on their way." Tyktus responded.

"Excellent. But no we have other worries, the brutes will be searching for survivors from the ship, and they will get here soon if I am not mistaken. We must have the Phantoms pick up our men that landed in the pods, and get them to safety!"

"I will rely your orders to the Phantoms, fleet master!" the officer replied and walked back to the pod.
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Primary Objectives:

* Search for survivors

* Rescue Survivors

Secondary Objectives

*Dont let any Covenant Loyalist units stay alive to tell your location!

Vore'ddak Innanraree: Technically you are in command, and technically not. You have full command over the Phantom and the crew, but you have no authority over the Spec-Ops team and their intentions. You have got orders to search for survivors, and rescue them, but you must also be careful not to blow your cover, as there are enemy Spirit Drop ships and Banshees searching for survivors as well, and they can not be allowed to inform their allies of your location.

It is your choice what ever you leave the drop ship and go on foot, or if you want to continue flying, but beware that your stealth generators dont work, so you cant cloak the Phantom, and it is visible so the enemy can see it.

Dyvofgin Wattinr: You are the lowest ranking person here right now, and you are there to follow orders. You do what the Ultra tells you.

[Sorry for not giving you all that much, but this is the situation right now, so wait and listen.]

Axmt ‘Xanamee: It is your choice what ever you want to stay with the Ultra, or if you want to go by foot and search for survivors. You can listen to him, or try to make him listen to you, but one thing is for sure; you will be harder to detect if you are alone, as you have the proper equipment and training for infiltration, but if you chose to go of alone, you will loose the numerical advantage, and possibly even the chance to call in air support in the form of the Phantom if the situation requires it.

[Hope you guys come up with something, and remember that you can always PM me or ask in the Recruitment thread, thanks!]
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