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'Trick or Treat' mission. Basically an objective based mission, where you're not trying to hold an objective for the entire game, but just for one turn to trick or treat there and move on. Holding the objective does not directly win the game for you, you're still trying to kill your opponent. An army can only trick or treat at each objective once, and only if they control it uncontested. Afterwards the other army can still trick or treat at that same objective, if they hold it uncontested. (Similar to how you can only trick or treat at a house once, but all of the other kids can still go there...but not if you're waiting in the bushes with a big stick!)

So if trick or treating at an 'objective' doesn't win the game, what does it do? Well, when you hold an objective at the end of your turn, you get a 'Trick or Treat' and you get two things. First, a piece of candy, second, you get to roll on a table full of fun and characterful results.

Kill Point scenario. Roll randomly for deployment type.

Special Rules: Reserves, Steal Initiative. Night fighting rules apply throughout the scenario. ( It IS Hallowe’en, after all.)

1 "the curse of one" if one of the dice rolls off the table or gets stuck on scenery the opponent gets to use the large template on the unit opening the box. Strength ten.

2 "Creepy crawla'" - the box runs away 3d6 random movement.

3 "ghastly form" -for one turn, unit moves ignoring terrain. It can move twice but can't fire and can't be shot at. If an enemy unit is within 6" after their movement phase, take Ld test or fall back

4 "sugar rush" - the unit finds a horde of sweet treats and gorges itself. the resulting release of hyperactivity is rather amusing to watch - the unit may move as jump infantry for the next turn, and strikes at double initiative (before furios charge or anything). the turn after they have slow and purposeful, as they inevietably crash from their high.

5 Bag of Flaming Squig Poo. You’ve been pranked, and it ain’t pretty. The results are stinky, gooey, nasty and… Hot-HOT-HOTTT! Infantry, walkers, bikes and jetbikes move as if in difficult terrain this turn, while non-walker vehicles cannot move faster than combat speed as they hop about scraping flaming squig droppings off their feet/wheels/tracks/jet nozzles/whatever. What a way to go!

6 Cranky Old Codger. Every neighborhood has one. He shuts off the lights, hides in the basement and never gives out candy on Halloween. Your opponent gets to choose the effect.

7 "The candy bowl"- you get to select the effect you want.

8 What a great costume! They’ll never guess who we are… The enemy cannot shoot or assault the unit in the opponent’s next turn. Of course, no transport will allow the costumed unit to board; if the model is a transport no friendly infantry unit in its right mind will board it, either.

9 Black Cat. A black cat scampers across your path, condemning you to bad luck and frustration. You pick one enemy unit that unit may not shot or assualt next turn.

10. "Tiolet paper the Tank"- you chose one enemy unit tank or vehicel may not fire any weapons the next turn.

11."Trap door" You can move your unit from the objective and place them anywhere else on the board.

12.12 It's the Great Pumpkin (of Doom). Look! Up in the sky! It’s a Star Destroyer! It’s an Asteroid! It… it’s an enormous pumpkin. On FIRE!?!?! ’ A single Strength 10 Large Blast Template falls from the heavens. Nominate a target point; roll the directional die and 2d6. The blast marker deviates 2d6 inches from the nominated point. The Pumpkin will then imact in all its flaming, crushing orange glory.
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