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Hi guys, as you know I have been playing Asrai. After today's match I have decided to tweak my list some what as there were certain things that I was unhappy with. Now here is the question i have in regards to Hail of Doom Arrow.

1) I take Hail of Doom Arrow on my Spell Weaver, yes i know this might weird some of you out but oh well.
2) I think that in my next game i would like to run lore of Beasts.
3) Hail of Doom is S4, and i was wondering does it benefit from Spells/Items such as:

Wyssan's Wildform +1S​
The Savage Beast of Horros +3S​
Strength Potion +3S​

Any thoughts on this would help greatly, I just don't want to be running something illegal and unfair.
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