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Hi everybody!
I'm new here and after reading some threads, very "excited" :biggrin: to join you guys :)
So, lets use the list:
- How did you find us.
Google helped me while i was looking for some pre-heresy Sons of Horus inspiration
- Your location.
Poland, also known in some western countries as "middle of nowhere" :biggrin:
- Why did you choose that handle (name).
very long story :D
- How long have you been playing Games Workshop Systems and Wargames in general
for about a year and a half
- Best memory during a battle.
when playing some weird scenario rules on doubles tournament me and my pal had killed half of our armies by ourselves :biggrin:
- Favourite army.
Space Marines
- Regular gaming buddies also on the forums.
- Basically anything of interest to give us a better understanding of who you are and what you’re about.
everything about space marines legions - this is what i love the most. also
- Why not include a picture?
i don't have any nice, except for this:
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