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Hey all,

Just trying to get a handle on how to run my Hades Drills after the change to them for the 6th edition rules.

I understand the part about using the blast template and trying to destroy things on the way up. My question is for after that emergence is made.

Does the drill just sit on the emergence hole it made?
Does it get to move the same as a squad getting out of a drop pod?
Can it make a ram attack the turn it comes out?

Any help on this would be appreciated!
and I did a search but didnt find anything on this before posting, sorry if I missed something though.

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I assume you're using this ruleset?


I'm not sure if the IA1; 2nd edition is later, or if it has rules for the Hades, I may have glossed over it - fairly sure it came out after the 6th edition update though?

It's fairly self explanatory though;

Rather than placing the model for the Hades Drill while Deep
Striking, place a Blast (3") template instead. Roll to scatter
as normal to determine where the template is placed. If the
template is placed in clear ground, place the Hades Drill on
top of the template as normal
There are further rules regarding mishaps/landing on enemy units.

Otherwise standard rules apply - bearing in mind 7th ed.

In the Movement phase during which they arrive, Deep Striking units may not move any
further, other than to disembark from a Deep Striking Transport vehicle if they are in one
Ramming is movement. So no. No, it doesn't get to move same as a squad getting out of a drop pod. And yes, it sits anywhere on the template it fits.


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thanks for the input on that.

Those are the rules I am currently using. I just wanted to make sure I was fielding it properly.
Although now my friends just wait for it and try to wreck it on top of the emergence hole so my guys cant get out :(

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That doesn't happen -
When a unit disembarks, place the models one at a time, using the following method:
place the first model in base contact with one of the vehicle’s Access Points (including its
flying base, if it has one). A disembarking model’s base cannot be placed within 1" of an
enemy model or within impassable terrain.
The model can then make a normal move – Difficult and Dangerous Terrain tests
should be taken as normal, but it must end its move wholly within 6" of the Access
Point it disembarked from (we assume that any distance that is lost because of this
has been used getting out of the Transport). Repeat this process for each model in the
unit. At the end of the unit’s move, all models must be in unit coherency.
The template is essentially the vehicle they're disembarking from, not the vehicle itself. Only if there is no space that allows you to "disembark" - i.e, there is nowhere around the template around which there is 1" of space to disembark, then they suffer a mishap -

If any of the models in a Deep Striking
unit cannot be deployed, because at least one model would land partially or fully off the
table, in impassable terrain, on top of a friendly model, or on top of or within 1" of an
enemy model, something has gone wrong. The controlling player must roll on the Deep
Strike Mishap table and apply the results.
However -
placed in
relation to the area of the ‘Deep Strike’ template just as if
they had disembarked from a vehicle
The only vehicle there is the Hades - a 1.5" by 3" model - which leaves at least a few inches from which you can escape from - and even if you do mishap - although how that figures in regards to

and may only attempt to
enter the table in the area of the Drill’s ‘Deep Strike’ template
on future turns.
makes no sense.

in short, 6th edition thematic rules which don't make sense.

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