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Well i am looking to trade off my extra gw models in order to start a Legion army and to Upgrade my Tyranid\marine army sizes!

I am also willing to sell, just make me a reasonable offer!! I will ship world Wide and the larger the sale\trade the better the deal you get

1 Inquisition Mystic henchmen (painted)
1 Inquisition Scribe Henchmen (painted)
9 Grey Knights (1 Incinerator,1 Justicar)
10 Wraithguard
1 Full Thousand Son Squad
1 Sisters of battle Exorcist (organ style)
10 Chaos Spacemarines (New in box)
5 Dire Avengers

40 Hand Weapon\Shield Skaven (Island of blood)
1 warlock Engineer (Augmented weapon\Musket) [metal]
1 warlock engineer {Warplock pistol}
1 Rat Ogre {island of blood}
1 Warlord {island of blood}

Lizardman *All Last Edition\Mostly Bare Plastic or metal*
3 Skink Preists
1 Slaan
1 Hq on Coldone
2 Foot Hero's
8 Saurus Cav
51 Saurus
53 Skinks
1 Terradon
1 Kroxigor
3 Temple Guard Command
3 Geko Blow Pipers
1 Engine of the gods (Metal)

20 Ghouls
5 Screamers of Tzeentch
3 Flamers of Tzeentch
9 Bfg Chaos Cruisers
1 Chaos Desolator class battleship

Army Books
Demons of CHaos ARmy book
Chaos SPace Marine Codex

Mace Windu Force Fx Lightsaber
Final Fantasy Tifa Action Figure
Bleach Orahime action figure
Kotobukia Anakin Skywalker episode 3 statue
Kotobukia Darth Vader Episode 3 statue
World of Warcraft Mini game starter set, With at least a case worth of boosters.


Games workshop
Any Fw Tryanids
Any Fw Marines
2 Landspeeders
Spacemarine Bikers
Assault bikers
2 Whirlwinds
Master of the Ravenwing Jetbike
Sanguninary Preist's
1 Zoanthrope (current)
3 Zonethropes 3rd Edition

Legion of Everblight
Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight
Angelius x2
Ravagore x1
Hellion x1
Striders Unit
Strider Unit Attachment
Shepherd x1
Most Things legion!
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