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I Would like a Dwarf army swap, most current please (will take battle for skull pass modles). Or 350$ USD. That includes shipping.

Pics of it are here, some painted, some primed. First seven left to right http://s164.photobucket.com/home/str00dles/index

All modles are newest, will also give all the bits (huge ammount heads weapons capes bodies ect)

Retail 726.75, asking for 350 inclues shipping. I live in the US

24 warriors some primed some painted.
20 marauders primed
10 Chaos Hounds
10 marauder horsemen
15 knights
14 chosen
Arch mounted Arch on foot
Harry the Hammer
Chaos lord demo mount
Chaos lord jug
Lord of nurg
3 chaos champion
Knorne champ
Sorc of chaos
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