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Please PM me instead of just replying to this post. Unless you have equivalent or more REP than me, I won't be shipping first.

Dark Heresy Roleplaying Hardcover book - Like New, Never used.

I'm looking for Cadians, chimeras, plaguebearers, burna boyz, shoota boyz, dire wolves, goblin wolves, assault marines - in that order. Looking for roughly equal value - approx. 50$ or so - according to amazon.

-I'm willing to deal on any of these as well - if you are interested in an auction with bids on it, you'll need to make it worthwhile for me to close em down.

Copy/Paste the URL's without the "" as links don't seem to be working properly.

Tyranid Army


Steel Legion Models

Black Library Books

Cryx Cardset MKII and models

Imperial Guard Chimeras/bitz

Converted Ork Nobz

Forgeworld Bitz
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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