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I've decided to get out of Fantasy (again) so I am selling off my Vampire Counts army. I'm not willing to part it out as I want to sell it in one large lot. I'm asking $335 for the entire lot. I will ship free to US mainland and it will be $15 to ship elsewhere. Paypal is preferred. Nothing is painted or primed. Everything is bare plastic and the items are assembled with care.

Here's what I have:

2x Plastic Empire Battle Wizards - Assembled
2x Plastic Empire Battle Wizards - New in Box
20x Plastic Grave Guard - New on Sprue
1x Corpse Cart - Assembled
1x Corpse Cart - Partially Assembled
10x Ghouls - Assembled
30x Skeletons - Assembled
10x Skeletons - New on Sprue
40x Zombies - Assembled
40x Zombies - New on Sprue
Vampire Counts Army Book
Several Textured Movement Trays

Previous edition metal Ghouls
All of my VC bits

Again, I'm asking $335 for all of this and shipped free to the US mainland and $15 to the rest of the world. PM me if you're interested
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