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All models come with the original sprues, with all of the unused parts available, except for one of the Hammerheads. There are pieces to convert a chassis into a Skyray. The Riptides have their Heavy Burst cannons, heads, secondary weapons, etc.)

All models are the newest sixth edition versions.

1 6th Edition Hardcover Codex: Tau
1 Commander Farsight
1 Cadre Fireblade
1 Broadside (sealed)
2 Riptides (Ion Cannons and Shield)
2 Hammerhead Gunships (Ion with no thrusters, Railgun fully completed)
8 Crisis Battlesuits
20 Pathfinders
44 Fire Warriors
12 Unbuilt Drones (Not including the Riptide's, shielded missile drones, the Broadside's missile drones, and the Pathfinder's Recon drone).
3 Stealth Suits

Interested In...

Kabalite Warriors / Truborn
Razorwing Jetfighters / Voidbombers
Reaver Jetbikes
Beastmasters / Khymerae / Raven Flocks

Cronos Parasite Engines / Haemonculi / Wracks to a lesser extent.

Looking for FULL ARMY SWAP or 500$ in GW vouchers / Money sent.

If you want to contact me further, PM me on here with what you have and if you want my number we can go from there. You will go first, however I will provide my first and last name, cell number, license number, address (you will need this anyways) and my Facebook if you so choose to make you feel more comfortable.

Mail fraud is a felony anyhow, and I don't plan on having any felonies.

I would *prefer* calling, however I also realize this leaves you with no records of our conversation so I will respect requests for PMs / Text.

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Depends what you have, realistically though, I have about 2100 points here not looking to trade piecemeal.
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