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Hello, I am getting into a new army and going another way with my current one. So getting rid of the models that I no longer have use for. Some of them are primed others are not. Some of the Tactical Marines(with Bolters have been painted then cleaned with simple green and re-primed) I Wrote a list of everything that I have and went online to Games Workshop to price it. If you bought all these items in the store would run you $795. So I am offering a really good deal at half. Or whoever has the best offer. Again getting a new army, so having to buy new models and they're not cheap. All the models that I am selling are in very good condition. And if willing to pay the $400 or close to it, I will throw in a Games Workshop carrying case. Which retails at $57. So here is the list:

Marneus Calgar/Calger's Flag Carrier
Pedro Kantor
Librarian in Terminator Armour

Heavy Bolter Servitor/Normal Servitor
4 Assault Terminator(Lighting Claws)
25 Terminators( 3 Heavy Flamers/4 Sergeants/ Chainfist/ Missile Launcher/ Assault Cannon)
8 Sternguard Veterans(2 Combi-Melta/1 Combi-Plasma)

20 Tactical Marines(Blot Guns)
1 Chapter Banner
6 Plasma Guns
3 Plasma Cannons
7 Missile Launchers
8 Scouts
7 Scout Snipers
Sergeant (Combi-Plasma)
2 Sergeant Talon(1 fits in Tanks/ 1 on Base)

This is what I have am willing to take pictures and email them, it will be a bunch of unprimed and white/black primed models. Depending on the offer, am offering the Games Workshop Case and have a TON of bitz! So will throw the ones I no longer need in, if the price is right.
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