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ok what I have
raven guard capt shrike
Chaplin-jump pack- model used is forge worlds korvydae , with head and weapon swap.
converted libby
Captain - power sword and flamer( used as counts as vulkan hestan)

10 man tactical squad- pictured- missile launcher and flamer
10 man tactical squad -new in box

dedicated transports
3x drop pods - 1 new in box

5 man terminatoer squad- assault cannon
8x stern guard- power fist, 2xmelta guns, 2xcombi melta
7x stern guard- power sword, heavy flamer, 4x combi flamers

5x vanguard vets-1x storm shield and thunder hammers and 2x twin lighting claws
storm talon

storm raven

new hard back space marine codex
forge world raven guard transfer sheet

all this worth around £430

looking for sensible offer or trade fro warhammer army( open to different armys)

im uk based , items will be shipped via parcel delivery company in the uk.

thanks for looking

marine codex and transfer not pictured but transfer brand new and codex hardly used.

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Well I have more TKs than you have Marines lol, so whatever you want. Got (in brief):

Chariots (about 15, using Dire Wolves as mounts)
Skeletons (Built, about 50-60. 40 more unbuilt)
About 12 Horsemen (again, Dire Wolves with riders)
3x Carrion
6 Ushabti
3x Scorpions
Tomb Sphinx
Army book
And some other stuff unbuilt.
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