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Okay well im going for BA this time so i thought lets try and stick with an army for 6 weeks straight.....

what i've got
space marines:

cc terminators 4 with lc and 1 with th and shield - £15 - sold
chaos preadator twin linked las and side sponson lascannons easily converted - £15 - sold
normal dread with twin link las or assault cannon -£12.50
ironclad dread - sold
rhino - £12.50
landraider with hurricane bolters - £17.50
landraider with flamers - £15
assualt on black reach termies one has been given old heavy flamer - £7.50
assualt on black reach tact squad - £8.50
more sm's coming soon

5 grey knight termies - £15
5 stormtrooper karskins one has plasma gun - £10

commisar - £6

more to come

looking for uk mainly but will do u.s you pay p&p i can send pics by email only :)
offers expectble

sm bikes or scout bikes
sm scouts
stern guard vets
vanguard vets
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updated! need this stuff to go its just sitting there
more stuff being added if not sold then going on ebay
now also looking for dark eldar guys :)
some sold to ultra111 gd trade so anymore takers?
landraider going cheap need to get rid of these guys
lowered all prices no one interested?
1 - 7 of 9 Posts
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