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Okay well im going for BA this time so i thought lets try and stick with an army for 6 weeks straight.....

what i've got
space marines:

cc terminators 4 with lc and 1 with th and shield - £15 - sold
chaos preadator twin linked las and side sponson lascannons easily converted - £15 - sold
normal dread with twin link las or assault cannon -£12.50
ironclad dread - sold
rhino - £12.50
landraider with hurricane bolters - £17.50
landraider with flamers - £15
assualt on black reach termies one has been given old heavy flamer - £7.50
assualt on black reach tact squad - £8.50
more sm's coming soon

5 grey knight termies - £15
5 stormtrooper karskins one has plasma gun - £10

commisar - £6

more to come

looking for uk mainly but will do u.s you pay p&p i can send pics by email only :)
offers expectble

sm bikes or scout bikes
sm scouts
stern guard vets
vanguard vets
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how much are you looking for the ironclad and land raiders?

Could you send me pictures of all your space marines if you can please mate. If yeah, PM me and I'll tell you my email.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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