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Hello all! I recently acquired a large amount of landscaping quality slate that is PERFECT for basing. However, I have way too much to use myself, so I figured I would help the wargaming community out and sell off some of my extra supply!

First, some examples:

All of my slate is hand broken, hand washed, and hand sorted. I sort them into three different sizes (Hormagaunt for scale):

Large (perfect for display bases, 60mm or oval bases, monstrous creatures and flyers)*

Medium (perfect for 40mm bases, or to layer to raise up a character or squad leader)*

Small (finer chips, good for filling gaps and doing complete bases).

*Note: You can always break these down smaller

I'll be selling three sizes of containter, a 9.5oz for $6 + Shipping, a 16oz for $10 + shipping, and a 24oz for $15 + shipping

Each container will be packed as full as I can get it, and taped shut for safety during shipping. I will mix and match sizes in each container, just give me a rough estimate of what you'd like and I'll put it together!

Shipping: I've had multiple orders now from all across the country, so I've worked out a couple things on shipping. Slate is heavy, so USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes are the cheapest option (plus they arrive in 2 days!). The medium box is the smallest that works, and it's $12, but you can fit multiple containers in it, so the shipping will stay the same if you order multiple (up to a point where I can't fit anymore in the box). If you'd like to discuss a different method of shipping, PM me, I'm open to anything.

I can post more pictures on request (current pictures selected for the slate, not the models or paint job, so don't judge me too harshly).

Trading: If you would rather trade for the slate, I collect Tyranids and Tau. My Tau army is just a start up right now so I need more from there, but I am always looking to expand my Nids! Highest on my list right now are Kroot (Definitely need a lot of these guys! I'm looking to have 40 in my final tournament lists), as well as Gargoyles, Gaunts of all kinds, Biovores (preferably finecast) or Tyrant Guard, but I'll seriously consider any offer from either army.
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