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[H] Selling 40K [W]$$$[USA]

Any reasonable offer will be accepted. Just send me a PM


Items for sale (pictures upon):


Brother Captain Stern primed chaos black
Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz & Retinue "NEW in Box"

Chaos Space Marines:
Emperor's Children Champ w/Doom Siren "well painted"

Space Marines:

a set of heavy bolters sposons from "New" Baal Predator

New "Blood Angel" many shoulder pads

9 SM Bikes "NOS" "SOLD"

5 CC SM Scouts PF on Sgt. "Unpainted"

2 Lascannon SM "Mostly Chaos black"

SM Whirlwind Turret "painted" "SOLD"

SM TL Lascannon turret for Razorback "painted"

SM Librarian with Staff and Book

SM Master of the Recruits

Ultramarines Captain Sicarius

Dark Angels Codex

Witch Hunters:
Sisters of Battle Squad (HF, flamer, SS w/Bolter) well base coated/some highlights "Pending"
Seraphim Squad painted (10 total) "Pending"
4 Sisters of Battle w/flamer; "Pending"
1 Sister Superior w/ PW"Pending"
1 bolter Sisters of Battle unpainted "Pending"
Immolator upgrade sprue "Pending"

Dark Eldar:

3 Incubi "2 w/ Blaster 1 w/shredder" "Chaos Black"
Kruellagh "NIB"
Drazhar "Well painted"
2 Dark Eldar with Dark Lance "NIB"
2 metal Warriors w/splinter cannons
20 Warriors W/ 2 Splinter Cannons, 2 Blasters "painted Red and Silver"
4 Reaver Jetbike 1 W/Blaster
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