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Hey I have recently fallen on hard times monetary wise (thanks to the coalition govt. making so many cuts in the public sector), but I was really inspired by Galahad's conversion thread to create my own incarnation of a daemon prince and as he built it out of a defiler and dread I thought that it's mechanized look would suit a IW army. (sorry for the long waffle on about why I needs the parts etc.)

so basically I am looking for the best deals I can get on:
x2 front defiler claws
SM dread body, everything apart from arms, legs
sentential legs
defiler head b-the skull one

So any help much appreciated
Edit: I have some oop SM's and techmarine to trade for any parts if anyone is interested I can't take pics of them as I have lost the camera charger. but suffice to say I painted them badly. but they could be stripped of paint.
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