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Basically i am emigrating fairly shortly and, after collecting GW for the last 15 years, realise i have way too much stuff to take. so, in a series of posts i am offering it all.
I'm taking one army with me, my beloved Space Wolves. Everything else has to go, one way or the other. So if you're interested in any of this stuff, make me an offer, any offer, no matter how ludicrous. Any SW related stuff or pounds (or NZ dollars even) or some other form of barter will considered.

this lot hurts me a bit, now we're cutting to the meat of my collection.
it is a semi-professionally painted SM army comprising:

HQ: SM captain with power fist and storm bolter
HQ: Librarian (Memphiston model)
HQ: Inquisitor and retinue
Elites: Dreadnaught
Elites: Veterans squad (DA veterans models)
Elites: Terminator squad
Troops: 3x tactical sqauds (each with SM veteran model)
Troops: Grey Knights quad with two psycannons
Heavy: Land Raider Redeemer

All in a GW figure case.

In truth, i'm probably looking for about £150 for this (soley based on the cost of the miniatures and figure case), but as i need to get rid of it, i am open to offers.

Take a look at the pics and let me know if you're interested

View attachment 7536

View attachment 7537

View attachment 7538

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View attachment 7541
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